Portfolio : Nikon Photo Contest

It is rare that I am involved in a project solely for the shooting, but one such recent occasion was a project I did on the final round of judging of the Nikon Photo Contest.

During an intense 3-day session, nine judges from eight countries came together and sorted through thousands of photos to decide the winners of this year’s contest. With photography being a vast art form, the judges also all came from different backgrounds. From a four-time pulitzer award photojournalist to a globetrotting wedding photographer, there could not be a more diverse group of “photographers”, and the selection process was colored by numerous debates of cultural, social, religious and professional nature. I will not go into the details, but needless to say that I have never been so entertained from shooting a “meeting”.

And, essentially, this was a three-day meeting that we had to thoroughly cover, and those are without a doubt one of the most difficult shoots. To spice up the visuals, the production that hired me threw in a panther dolly and a steadicam, the latter which I was tasked to operate over the entire project. The fact we (obviously) had to use Nikon cameras to shoot with was also very fun, as I usually use Canon when we do dslrs. The cameras used were Nikon D750s and D810s.

The resulting video has a nice variety of shots. I was thrilled to work once again with Toppan Printing’s Hirotsugu Komiya, his friend and renowned photographer Akio Kon, and my partner on this project Junya Takahashi, who kept the shots in focus.

See below the short version.

Videos edited by Ellroy.

Congratulations to the winners!