About Me

I’m a freelance videographer based in Tokyo since 2016. My past experiences include creating video content for both corporate and broadcast clients. My skills range from director to shooter, editor to graphics animator, and I believe I can be useful to potential clients in various and diverse ways.

I am also fluent in Japanese, English and French, and can help clients overcome language barriers in Japan.

If you are curious about my resume, please visit my WORKS page, or CONTACT me directly in case you have more specific inquiries.

Quick Biography

  • 1986  Born in Osaka Japan to a Japanese father and French mother. Spent childhood in Japan, England and ultimately in France.
  • 2006 Started working in an Animation studio in Paris by day, and attended art school by night.
  • 2007 Quit art school and attended Waseda University in Tokyo, focusing on anthropology.
  • 2009  Attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, focusing on Journalism.
  • 2010  Interned at Reuters and CNN, while writing senior report on multiculturalism.
  • 2011  Started working at Pacific Bridge Media and Consulting, taking on a wide variety of projects ranging from corporate (Nissan, Otsuka Pharmaceutical… etc.) to news (AP, NHK World… etc.).
  • 2016  Freelance.